Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bald spot!

January 12, 2009

Today my mom came in her room and saw me playing the computer [with lots of hair on me], so she started to pull some off my shirt and I think their was some hair stuck on my head and we accidently made a bald spot!


steph said...

Emma you are so beautiful with or without hair. I am so happy that your shots are done but I am sad I don't get to see you everyday now. You are so brave and quite happy. I would love to play games or do puzzles with you any Sunday. Keep me in mind.

I do think we should all learn to make hats and wear them with you and your doll.

crazyshelbs said...

Oh Emma! i am missing you so much! i'm sorry about the hair but no matter what your still gorgeous! we have a special present for you hopefully we'll get it to you soon. i love you so much! i miss you tons!
-Shelby ann

Angie said...

Emma -
I am sure it is the cutest bald spot ever! Your a doll! Just keep that bald spot warm with one of your knitted hats
Love ya

Emily said...

Hair or no hair Emma, you are beautiful! I am serious! I love the way you are always so cheerful. I love your beautiful smile! You are one amazing chick-a-dee!

Emily said...

Emma, i cant wait 2 see u! you have always been so nice 2 me and everyone else. we all love you with or without hair.anytime you need us just give us a call!


Ashley Wray said...

Emma, even with your bald spot I can guarantee you your hair is still thicker than mine! And just think, now you can put all those adorable hats to good use!
I had fun hanging out with you and Carley May on Sunday, hope you're feeling good, you are one tough girlie!

taylors700 said...

Emma just wanted to say hi I hope you get your littlest pet shop penguin soon! Love Madi

whitakerfamily said...

Hey Emma! It was so good to see you tonight! You are so beautiful whether you have your hair or not!Your scrapbook pages were absolutely adorable! Love ya!

homeschoolgirl said...

did you get my message call me when you get home

homeschoolgirl said...

Hey, Emma how are you doing love savana