Sunday, July 12, 2009


today I hade a fit of emoshions.
dad asked me if I hurt any where,
I said no,
he said do feel sick,
I said yes,
he said where does it hurt,
I said in my belly,
he said i am just nervous for geting my broviaq out tomorow
we are leaving today and getting it out tomorow


Jenna said...

You know Emma, I didn't feel very good today either. I woke up really early in the morning with a stomach ache and now I feel fine. My mom and dad said I was just nervous for tomorrow because I am going down to Utah with my friend for a whole week in Logan at the college. I am nervous but you have the worst end of it. Love You!

crazyshelbs said...

Emma this is so exciting! This means good things! I love you so much! you mean so very much to me! never forget it :) Your so brave!

Ashley Wray said...

I hate it when things make you so nervous that your sick to your stomach! Good luck today, I'm sure everything will go great! You are one amazing girl!

OUR FAMILY said...

Emma, you'll do fine. Just think that this will be so much easier compared everything else you've gone through. You have been through so much. At least it is coming to and end. You will be in our prayers. Be strong

Karrie said...

I hope that you are not nervous anymore and that you are done with your tube removal!!! It was fun to see you at the baseball game. You are a cute young lady!!

your "gleevec" friend

Emily said...

Yeah Emma! You are DONE! Hip-hip-hooray! No more nervous, sick stomachs for you!