Tuesday, November 17, 2009


yesterday i went to the hospital.
i did not love it but i did not hate it.
We hade to do two and a half viles.
And so the needle was in me for I'm estamating a min.
but as I was saying it realy hurt.
then we went to walgreens,target, and home.
And that was my trip to the hopital.
And we go back on december 14.


Karrie said...

I just got blood taken too. 5 vials hang in there sister!!! Karrie

sts2000 said...

Hey Emma!

Luke wanted me to comment on your blog, because something exciting happened today at school. He said that his music teacher had them drawing special pictures for the patients at Primary Children's hospital so they can decorate the walls there. While they were drawing, she read a letter that said, "Dear Friends, I'm Emma. I have Leukemia which means I am very sick..." The letter said more, but Luke can't remember it all. But it was signed by Emma, age 9, Burley, ID. He said, "HEY! THAT'S MY COUSIN!" Is that cool or what? We are sorry that you've not been well. Hope things are looking up!


The Allens

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