Monday, February 16, 2009


Last week I had a cat scan.

It's like you go through a realy big doughnut. and when they take the picture a voice says breath in and hold it. nine seconds later she says you may breath normaly now.


crazyshelbs said...

i love you emma! it was so good to spend some time with you! i love you so much ! i think about you everyday! be brave! i'll miss you!

Whitaker Family said...

We love you soooooo much! Hope you love your necklace. It was just so cute and holds such a good message that i got myself one too. You amaze me, your so strong, keep it up. We'll miss you.
Jessica and Family

Adele said...

Good luck in the next couple weeks Emma! We are all thinking about you and praying for you! You are going to do amazing!

The Shupe Ohana said...

Emma, we are so proud of you and love to see your smiling face in your pictures. We pray for you every prayer, and through your blog my girls are able to get to know you and what is going on in your life. Thank you for your great example. we love you.
Emily Brown and family

Jenna said...

I wish you the best. You are my hero and a wonderful girl. I wish that I could trade places with you, but I can't. remember this saying, " everything happens for a reason." This is what got my cousin through her tradgedy. I love you and pray fo ryou every day. You rock.

Emily said...

Emma, I hope that by now you are one surgery down! It will be good to have today done. You know...I have never had a cat scan. You are experiencing so many things in your short 8 years of life, that I have never experienced in my 34 years. You know what they say about trials making you stronger? Well, you are going to be one STRONG woman! You can conquer the world! Now go kick some leukemia fanny, will ya?!

Emily Silva said... look beautiful, but then again, you always do! Like Shelb said, be brave...I know you can do it!! I'm keeping you in my prayers. -Emily