Monday, February 23, 2009


Today I had radiation. It smelled like a tanning solan.
I have to stand with a shealed around my lungs.
fifteen min. in the front and fifteen mins. in the back.


Adele said...

Hey Emma!! It was so great to see you on saturday. I hope everything is still going well!

Emily Silva said...

Emma...your so brave! I love you and i'm praying for ya...hope Lana is doing well too!!

Ashley Wray said...

That sounds a lot like tanning, I bet that is hard to hold still for so long!
Hang in there, I am excited to hear how everything goes on Friday. The Relief Society is all fasting for you (and Ty) on Thursday! We love you, keep the posts coming!

Kresta said...

Hey Emma! It was so great to see you today and look, I am commenting on your blog. And I didn't even notice today that you had been to the tanning salon. :0) Think of all the things you will be able to add to your little box of braveness by the end of the month. You rock!!Have a good night

Barbara Jackson said...

You my dear, are VERY brave!!!

THE CALLS said...

Thursday is the big day, isn't it? My family is praying for you. Thursday is my husbands last day of radiation. Then we will have to come back on April 1st. He will have surgery on April 3rd. Be brave little one! Keep us posted.