Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Surgery today

today I had surgery.
we had to wait an hour after we got all ready.
After we did get ready a baby came in for an emergency surgery, so that's why we had to wait a hour.


Jessica said...

hope everything went well, and that you are feeling well soon. hang in there... 9 days to go! we think about you and pray for you everyday!

Adele said...

Good to hear from you Emma- Sounds like the surgery went well and that you have an even cooler portacath now! We love hearing updates from you. We are praying for you every day Emma! We love you!
-Adele and Josh

Ashley Wray said...

Love your catscan picture, and your cute red hat! Sounds like everything went well with your surgery and you are the countdown! We love you and are praying for you daily! Hang in there!

THE CALLS said...

Emma! I met you today when my husband was getting radiation. You are a great Emma!!!! Hang in there and keep on being strong. It will all be over soon.Before you know it, it will all be like a dream and you will go on with your normal life. It was great meeting you. Let's keep in touch.


taylors700 said...

We miss you and are thinking about you. Take care and keep updating us we love to hear from you.
Tammy & Madi

Emily said...

Yeah! One more surgery down! I'm so glad everything went well. We miss you!

Aubrey said...

Hi Emma! My name is Aubrey.
My mom said she met you where my dad gets radiation. She said you are from my hometown in Idaho and your 2 brothers go to my school. Please get better soon. I will pray for you.

THE CALLS said...

Wow what a tale you have to tell.
This is Mr. Call. We met in the waiting of radiation. It was (I can't say nice){I wish you were not there}but it was nice I guess to see some one from good old Burley.
I must say your machine in this picture is a lot cooler than mine. I don't get flowery stickers.
Hoping and praying for the best for you and your family. Smiling is the best medicine, and of course prayers.

See you soon Mr. Call