Tuesday, March 24, 2009


When I move to kaysville this is my address...
Emma Gibbons
c/o Karma Winward
570 E 1st N
Kaysville UT
I hope to see letters.


THE CALLS said...

Oh my! I am so happy for you Emma!!!!
I saw your grandpa at the temple and he just told me today. He was so happy for you.

steph said...

Hooray! FYI I do look at your blog often and so do all of my kids! We always have to see how the great Emma is doing. I am glad you posted your address because Ashley has a letter that I was supposed to have already mailed to you!

~Jenna~ said...

Yay, Emma we will be sure to send letters and fun things for you to do. We are so happy to finally be hearing great news. Keep being a great little girl and keep going strong. We are all cheering for you in the ward. You will stay in our prayers. You are a good little girl.