Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tonight the nurse that I have was born and raised in Burley.
And I say that, because I was well, I was born in North Carolina, but I was raised in burley and I am still being raised in Burley. Right now I am being raised in Salt Lake City, Utah.


taylors700 said...
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taylors700 said...

Hey Emma I don't guess I know what that means, but its great to see a post from ya!1 We are always thinking about you and we can't wait till we can come see ya. Love Tammy & Madi

THE CALLS said...

Happy birthday to your grandpa! Happy day to you! :) How neat that you met a nurse that was raised in Burley.


Ashley Wray said...

There is a Burley connection everywhere! You will be back in Burley in no time! My sister told me she stopped by to see you on her dietation rounds the other day. She said you were so cute, which is the truth! Hope you're doing well!