Friday, March 6, 2009

Fat lip and best friend

Yesterday my lip got mucositis on the skin. Mucositis means you have sores on your lip and in your mouth. And a couple days before that my best friend came in. My best friend is a machine that I press a button to make pain medicine come through my line. and I can press the button whenever I want.


Andi said...

When I read about your "best friend" I thought you were talking about ME for a minute!!! LOL But you know, the Morphine is helping your pain more than I am, so I'm cool with that pump being your BFF.

Be good for your nurse today!!! Hee hee!! Love ya!!

Aubrey said...

I hope your lip gets better. I am playing a game on my blog. I tagged you if you want to play.


Adele said...

Those PCA's are wonderful! It is a good friend to have!

Emily Silva said...

Hey, i'll take your word for it on that little button of yours...i get one next week for just a little surgery but still, it will be nice to have! Hope things are going well!!

Jenna said...

It sounds like that button is always there for you like a good friend.And it helps you feel better too.(Sounds like my kind of friend.)Anyways, I really hope you get better soon Emma. We miss you and love you. :p

Surgery Stinks said...

Em Skem
I sure was good to see ya Fri night. Cant wait until Thurs when we can spend a few days together.
Love Ya

Heaps Family said...

Emma, you are so brave! You are going to get through this!!! Just remember that you are not alone..Heavenly Father is watching over you. I promise, it will get better!

ashlee said...

Hi Emma, I met your mom today, she came over and bought some furniture, I have 5 kids and a little girl who is 7, her name is Sophie Emma. Your mom told me all about you, I am so impressed with your bravery! I like that you keep a blog, it helps all of us to keep you in our prayers, and your family as well! I can't wait to show Sophie your blog! Your positive attitude is uplifting to us all!!!

mom8rice said...

Hi Emma
How are you feeling? I miss you a lot! Cecilia misses you too. I've been reading about your experiece in the hospital. We are sorry you have to go through this. I've been home from school for two days now. I have a fever,cough and stuffy nose. That's nothing compared to YOU. I fast and pray for you. My mom puts your name in the temple. I will write again. If you want to email me, my address is
You are a great friend.
Love, Natalie

Lauri Linder said...

Hi Emily,
Sorry that your mouth isn't feeling so good, but I am glad that your "best friend" is helping you out. I am hoping that your counts will be coming in soon.
Love, Lauri