Wednesday, December 24, 2008


December 22, 2008

Today after me, mom and dad get my port acsessed [as ushual ] we found out that my little brother TY is my match ! He has the same kind of bonemaro and blood so my little brother is saving my life. When we found out Ty was my match my mom pranced around the room like a
little pony.


steph said...

Yes! I am so happy! In fact, I am crying and prancing like a little pony too!

crazyshelbs said...

Emma that is such good news, and i can just picture your mom now. i hope you had a good Christmas. i love you so much. miss you!
-Shelby Ann

Jessica said...

What an awesome Christmas Present! We have been praying for good news for you! Halle remembers, prays, and asks about you everyday! Stay strong sweet girl!

Becky said...

This is from Tessa: Emma! I love you so so so so so so so so much! I want you to come play with me. My family is praying a LOT for you. I am glad Ty Ty is your match. It is funny that your mom was prancing like a little pony. I am going to try to prance like her!

Catie said...

its kiera that is cool that ty is you're kiera