Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sick agian!

December 17,2008

Today I woke up with the worst head ake EVER that you could imagin I could not get up to go to the bathroom .
I hade to stay in my room all day because almost every body in my house barfed today .Davis last night, Cole this morning, and Ty barfed at my cousins house yesterday morning,And Ethan stayed home fom scool just for fun.


Sarah Stokes said...

Um Hi Emma, i am vaary sorry to hear how sick you are i am going to stae home in january and homeskool with my mom so if you ever get reel board and wunt to play with me ask you mom if i can kepe you compny and i will come ovr to you house
bye savana stokes

crazyshelbs said...

Hey Emma love, i miss baby sitting you very much. I wish i could just run over and see you. i love you so much. get better soon,OK.
-Shelby Ann

steph said...

Emma, I am so happy I got to come over and help put up your tree. You made my day brighter by being able to see you. Weird huh, that you made me happier and you are the one that is sick. Keep up the good work on your art projects!

P.S. How are those corndogs?