Monday, December 8, 2008

Leukemia is bad!

October 31,2008

Today the doctor drew my blood and I seriously donnot like it. I have an inflamed foot and its hard for me to walk, and an inflamed wrist.

Did you know I sleep holding my wrist?
to bad I cant go trick or treating tonight.[sigh]

November 21,2008 The doctor called my mom this afternoon. They got in a fight. The doctor said sit down. She said im hainging up. he said sit down she said im hainging up. fighnaly she sat down. And he said get to Primary childrens as fast as posible.

so mom calls dad home frome work and get redey to leave. We drive two hours and twenty mins. to Salt Lake. I was so mad cause I had to stay at the hospital for one week. Just whith mom and a couple days of dad.

We got out of the hospital that Friday, but we had to go back Monday so we stayed the night at my cousins house for three nights, its no big deal I had a LOT of gifts. And nice cousins.

I have lots of scars from surrdgery. To bad I have to lose my hair from the medecin the doctors need to give to me. [I am so mad about that]


Briar Farfan said...

yeah leukemia stinks but no matter what keep your head high becaus you have tons of people that love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (including me)

the smiths said...

hi, I'm Grace. I'm Langton's cousin too! My mom and I are coming to see you next week and bring treats for you. I hope you'll get better soon! Happy Valentine's day! yeah,I bet you're right... SURGERY STINKS!!!!! (no, I've never had it but I guess surgery stinks because it sounds HORRIBLE!!!) I heard you were home this weekend...that's GREAT!