Friday, December 26, 2008

Losing chimpmunk.

December 26, 2008

Today I woke up and went into the kitchen and mom said, you've gone down. I said I am alredy going down from chimpunk (YES!)


crazyshelbs said...

I'm sure your happy about the chipmunk face, but i bet you were the most adorable chipmunk ever. Emma my dear i love you very much and i enjoy reading your blog a lot because i miss talking to you. Go forth, and aspire to do great things! that is what I'm living by. and i know your doing a great thing by being the strongest little girl ever!!! hope to see you soon!
much love, Shelby Ann

Angie said...

Hey cutie puttootie! Heard that your blood count was good! I am so glad! I hope you had a big pancake!
We loved having you stay and hope you had fun also. Can't wait to see all the hats you make with your nifty knitter! Good luck this week - Love the wagstaff's

HappyAshley said...

Hey Emma!!! It's aunt Ashley! Just wanted you to know I have been reading your entries and I love them. You are such a strong and positive girl! I took Langton and Ethan skiing on Ethan's Birthday yesterday. They both did sooooo good. Next year I am taking you! We are having the fry fest for new year's eve tonight and will be thinking of you! HAPPY NEW YEAR EMMA! Give your dad a big smooch when the clock strikes 12! I love you!

Ashley Wray said...

Emma, you are one cute little chipmunk, but I think little Carly Mae might have your cheeks beat no matter what! We are so excited that Ty is your match! We just got home to Burley yesterday and are excited to hear more updates! Be strong! My sister is doing her dietitcs intership at Primary Childrens during the whole month of January and I made her promise to come check in on you and to bring you whatever food you want! Beef jerky and nacho cheese until you're sick of it!