Friday, December 19, 2008

Loosing hair !

Decemer 20, 2008

Today after I shampooed and condicioned my hair I was scared to look behind me. But I did anyway. And geuss what I saw bahind me? A BIG wad of hair and I did not like it because it looked like me and my mom set a wig on the drain. But that was my hair!


j said...

Hi! We hope you feel better soon. We love you.

Your Aunt Lanae and Uncle Jamey

crazyshelbs said...

Emma my Dear i'm so sorry about your hair. If i knew someone that made wigs i would give you my hair! I love you so much Chicky. i hope to see you soon.
-Shelby Ann

Emily said...

Hair or no hair, you are one cute kiddo! Anybody with a smile like yours can't help but be cute!

Sarah Stokes said...

I am sorry about the hair thing too Emma, you are such a brave little one .

Morrison Family said...

hi emma!this is hayden i really hope you will get feeling better. miss you so much. its ok if your loosing your hair i still think your the coolest girl ever!have you been reading alot. in class we read were the red fern grows and it was pretty sad and about the whole class was crying!well i hope that you have GREAT christmas!!!
your friend hayden

Kenny said...

Hi Emma I herd you got a match!
I am so happy that they found a match that I said a prayer to say thank you.I am glad you will feel better. I miss giggling with you!Merry Christmas!

Love, Anna

Adele said...

Emma! You are adorable with or without hair!! We are constantly thinking about you and praying for you... we miss seeing your bright smiling face!! Love you!

Adele and Josh Aston

Angie said...

hey emma how are you . have you made any hats yet . thanks for staying at are house love abby